EXCLUSIVE: Stormy Daniels’ Pal on Trump: ‘He Would Call All the Time’

One of the four people listed in the porn star’s NDA speaks out with new details about her alleged fling with the future president.


Photo Illustration by Lyne Lucien/The Daily Beast

Stormy Daniels turned on the speakerphone when President Trump called.

So says Keith Munyan, one of the four people Stormy Daniels included in the nondisclosure agreement she signed with Donald Trump’s lawyer. Munyan confirmed critical elements of the alleged romantic tryst between the porn star and the future president, and added new details to a tawdry saga that has rocked the White House.

Munyan, a longtime friend of Daniels, remembers eavesdropping on a half-dozen phone calls between her and the future president.

“He would call all the time. That man can talk about nothing for hours,” Munyan told The Daily Beast in a phone call Monday.

Back in 2006, Trump was only a tabloid character turned reality TV star—and on these calls, he allegedly offered Daniels keys to a New York condo. When she declined, Trump proposed she move into his unfinished Trump Tower in Tampa, Florida.

Munyan said Trump also promised Daniels—who is suing him to quash a “hush agreement” over their alleged affair—a spot on The Apprentice.

A Los Angeles fashion photographer, Munyan befriended Daniels during a shoot in late 2005. The following summer, Daniels would meet and allegedly have “textbook generic” sex with Trump at a celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe.

Trump has denied Daniels’ allegations of an affair.

Around this time, Munyan was in the process of moving, and Daniels rented out his house. The shutterbug continued using his studio on the property and spent time with Daniels, who broadcast her phone calls with her celebrity suitor.

That man can talk about nothing for hours.

“She would go, ‘Oh, look who’s calling me now,’ and would put him on the phone,” Munyan recalled, adding that he and Daniels would sit and laugh.

“He was talking about giving her a condo in New York,” Munyan said. “She said, ‘I don’t want to move to New York.’ That’s when she wanted to move to Florida.”

Munyan remembers silently raising his hand when he heard Trump’s offer: “I’m like, ‘Really?’ I put my hand up. I’ll take it!”

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According to Munyan, Trump promised to arrange for Daniels to view a condominium in Florida but she declined. The performer, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, would move to Tampa on her own three years later.

Trump was always polite to the adult actress and director, Munyan said. The “grab ’em by the pussy” rhetoric was absent from what he overheard.

“She had very professional conversations with him,” Munyan added. “It was always about business and what her goals are.”

As The Daily Beast reported, Munyan was one of four people named in Daniels’ nondisclosure agreement as having “confidential information” about the alleged tryst.

Also listed were Daniels’ ex-husband, her manager, and one fellow porn star named Angel Ryan. (Ryan was identified as Jessica Drake, who in October 2016 came forward to accuse Trump of sexual misconduct at the same Lake Tahoe event where he met Daniels.)

Munyan is like family to Daniels, whom she calls “Dad.”

“She’s got two gay dads now,” Munyan quipped, referring to his husband J.D. Barrale, who spoke to The Daily Beast in support of Daniels last week.

Trump and Daniels dined alone together throughout 2006, and he invited the porn star to see the Miss USA pageant in Hollywood, Munyan said. Munyan was home when Trump sent a limousine to pick Daniels up for the event.

But, eventually, the conversations about Trump faded and were long forgotten—until the 2016 presidential election.

She had very professional conversations with him... It was always about business and what her goals are.

Days before Americans voted, Daniels signed a nondisclosure agreement in exchange for $130,000 in hush money. The contract not only bought Daniels’ silence, but ensured she fork over any text messages, images, or other “property” that could relate to Trump.

Daniels now argues this agreement is invalid because Trump never signed it, and because Trump’s attorney and fixer, Michael Cohen, allegedly breached their contract by speaking publicly about the payout.

On Monday, the porn star offered to return the money she received from Cohen, in return for nullifying their confidential settlement.

“I just remember her calling me and saying she signed the nondisclosure agreement,” Munyan told The Daily Beast, adding, “She told me that I was on it.”

“The reason Stormy signed the NDA was to protect her family,” Munyan said. “She signed it because she felt intimidated.” (Daniels’ lawsuit claims Trump and Cohen “aggressively sought to silence [her] as part of an effort to avoid her telling the truth,” which could have cost Trump the election.)

Daniels spoke kindly of Trump back in 2006, Munyan said.

When asked what Daniels said of Trump, Munyan replied, “That he was actually a very brilliant man.”

“They had great conversations, not like he does now. He just wants to hear himself talk,” Munyan said. “They would sit down to a nice dinner, discuss business.”

She’s just trying to be as courageous as possible in front of a bunch of people who are not wanting this to come forward.

“It’s probably because she drew that out of him.”

Munyan described Daniels as a very private person, who steps into the limelight when she dances on stage.

When they met, Daniels was looking for a photographer who wasn’t in the porn industry. Munyan took classic, pinup-style snapshots for her calendar.

“She’s very intelligent. She’s not your typical girl. She’s very smart and very articulate,” Munyan swooned over his friend. “Don’t let the blonde hair fool you. That girl’s smart.”

Daniels has a big heart, he said, especially for her horses. (Daniels is a nationally ranked equestrian, according to Rolling Stone.) Whenever she visits Munyan and his hubby, the three of them just sit at the dining table and laugh.

Munyan said most of all, Daniels is funny.

After one headline claimed she was bringing her dirty laundry on her strip club tour, she made an Instagram account called @Stormysbasket. The page features photos of Daniels’ laundry basket including one where it’s apparently being interviewed by CNN’s Nick Valencia.

Last year, Daniels’ erotic romance, “Unbridled,” was released through porn studio Wicked Pictures. She directed and starred in the passion project as a “savvy New Yorker who returns to her Texas roots to save the family farm, only to run into her old beau in the process,” one industry magazine gushed.

Munyan says Daniels is seeking funding for a horror film she wrote; it’s set in the swamps of her native Louisiana.

Daniels is “not this cartoonish evil stripper porn star” that online trolls are making her out to be, said Munyan’s husband, J.D. Barrale.

Her “dads” continue to call and check in with Daniels on her “Make America Horny Again” strip club tour. On Monday, Barrale told The Daily Beast that Daniels is “doing the best she can with all that hate that’s coming at her.”

“She’s a very strong woman,” Barrale said. “She’s just trying to be as courageous as possible in front of a bunch of people who are not wanting this to come forward.”

He added, “She’s been trolled by so many people. I think once people got to know who she is, they’d see she’s quite a wonderful gal.”