Bank-Robber Chic

Summer's Craziest New Trend

The "Face-Kini" is all the rage on the beaches of China's Shandong province, where it is gaining popularity for protecting bathers from harmful rays.

(AFP, AFP/GettyImages)

Here's one way to avoid a sunburn: wear a Face-Kini next time you're on the beach. It's' a new kind of "protective head mask" that is all the rage in China's Shandong province. These masks shield bathers from the sun -- and make them look like they're going to rob a few banks in the process. While they were invented in Shandong about seven years ago, they've just now caught on and are being mass-produced. "Factory-made" Face-Kinis sell for around 15 to 25 yuan -- which roughly translates to about $3. There are even "his and hers" styles, The Daily Mail writes, that come in a variety of jarring styles and patterns. [The Daily Mail]