Sunday Talk’s 7 Best Moments: Mitch McConnell & More (Video)

Debbie Wasserman Schultz goes hyperbolic on Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell mothers Justice Roberts, and more.

Clockwise from top left: CNN; ABC; Fox; CBS

Romney: ‘The Most Extreme Presidential Candidate in History’?

Debbie Wasserman Schultz laid into Mitt Romney on Fox News Sunday, calling him “the most extreme presidential candidate in history when it comes to immigration.” The Democratic National Committee chair gave no specifics as to why Romney was lucky enough to hold that moniker; she simply took a page out of Mitt’s playbook and self-deported on to her next talking point.

Jan Crawford: Supreme Court Conflict ‘Personal’

Somebody get the Supreme Court a mediator. Last week, CBS News’s chief legal correspondent, Jan Crawford, reported that Chief Justice John Roberts sided with the court’s liberal justices at the last minute to uphold President Obama’s landmark health-care legislation. This week, Crawford told Face the Nation that “deep and personal” resentment still lingers among the judges. “This discord is going to affect this court for a long time,” Crawford said, “and no one has any idea how it will be resolved.”

John McCain: U.S. ‘Shameful and Disgraceful’ on Syria

Coming to your living room from Monaco, Sen. John McCain called America’s “total lack of leadership” in Syria “shameful and disgraceful.” “How many more have to die before we take action to help these people?” McCain asked on Face the Nation. “We should get arms to them.” Host Bob Schieffer wondered aloud, “What people?” “We know who to get arms to,” McCain vaguely asserted.

Bobby Jindal Suggests that Obamanomics Are ‘Insane’

Albert Einstein made a quick stop at This Week this week, in a quotation by Bobby Jindal. Referring to President Obama’s economic policy, the Louisiana governor invoked Einstein’s famous phrase: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Jindal professed his support for Mitt Romney’s plans to cut taxes for corporations and the richest Americans.

Robert Gibbs: Deregulation + Wall Street = ‘Economic Calamity’

“Do you think we’re a Bush tax cut away from a flourishing economy?” asked Obama adviser Robert Gibbs on State of the Union. Not surprisingly, he thinks the answer is no. The former press secretary criticized GOP plans to increase tax cuts for the wealthy and deregulate banks and Wall Street. “It’s not a theory,” Gibbs said of the Republican economic agenda. “We tried it for eight years, and it ended in this huge economic calamity and this financial mess.”

Why Did Anderson Cooper Come Out?

“We’re in the midst of a cultural sea change,” TVNewser columnist Gail Shister told Reliable Sources Sunday. Discussing Anderson Cooper’s coming out, Shister said that closeted gay celebrities are “on the wrong side of history”—which embarrasses them enough to eventually come out. “They just don’t want to be seen as completely out of touch with the mainstream,” she said.

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Mitch McConnell ‘Extremely Disappointed’ in Justice Roberts

Mitch McConnell went guilt-tripping on Chief Justice John Roberts Sunday. On State of the Union, the Senate minority leader said that he didn’t regret voting to appoint Roberts, but was “extremely disappointed” in the justice’s decision to uphold Obamacare. Of course, McConnell’s disappointment didn’t stop him from continuously referencing Roberts’s definition of Obamacare as a tax.