Too Soon

Tasteless "I Survived Hurricane Sandy" Merchandise Hits An Online Store

Power's still out and people are already selling "I Survived Hurricane Sandy" merchandise.

You knew it'd happen eventually. Dozens are dead, damage is severe, recovery looms, and power is still out around the country. But people are already hawking joke T-shirts and other merchandise about the storm. And it's pretty bad. "I Survived Hurricane Sandy," reads one T-shirt. Another: "I Survived Sandy Frankenstorm 2012."

If you search "Hurricane Sandy" at—the hub of make-it-yourself products—you'll see more than 10 pages of tasteless merch, including dozens of T-shirts, mugs, and pins. There's a trucker hat with a map of the storm's path a postcard picturing Sandy that reads "She Was A Bitch," and a bumper sticker that reads "Hurricane Sandy: That bitch can blow! But I'm glad she's gone." There's a mousepad and iPhone case that says "I Survived Hurricane Sandy." There's even a $22-dollar tote bag that reads: "History now shows that democrats alerted FEMA prior to Hurricane Sandy, whilst Republicans waited till after Hurricane Katrina hit to mobilize FEMA. Who are you loyal to now?" Let's hope everyone saves their money for, say, the Red Cross.