The 9 Hottest Power Cats of Instagram

Instagram is a world built for cats, but some are better than the rest. From Princess Monster Truck to Colonel Meow, see The Daily Beast’s 9 Hottest Power Cats of Instagram!

Mike Bridavsky

With great power comes great responsibility, something these felines know all too well.Here, The Daily Beast selects nine of the hottest power cat Instagram accounts, for your personal entertainment. This was hard—really hard. There are many cats on the Facebook-owned photo app. But only few are the cat's meow. Moral of this story: contrary to popular belief, cats aren’t always cuddling, eating, sleeping, running from baths, and/or coughing up hairballs. But they’re always being cute. Follow them, and watch as they only get cuter with power.

1. Princess Monster Truck (Handle: @princessmonstertruck)

Princess Diana meets the mean guy from Monsters Inc., Randall. Princess Monster Truck has appeared on BuzzFeed,, and now on The Daily Beast! She always seems to be showing her teeth to the paparazzi, though she doesn’t seem to be smiling! (Followers: 23,827 and counting)

2. Grumpy Cat (Handle: @GrumpyCat)

Grumpy Cat is like you on Monday morning, except even on Fridays she’s still frowning. Grumpy Cat is the new honey badger because she don’t give a $#!^. (Followers: 79,995 and counting)

3. Sam Has Eyebrows (Handle: @samhaseyebrows)

Well, um, first of all, Sam ... has ... eyebrows ... and they’re REAL. This humanesque trait is just one of the many reasons why Sam is a unique fur ball. He also has fabulous posture, good table etiquette, and grace. (Followers: 96,086 and counting)

4. Snoopy Babe! (Handle: @snoopybabe)

Remember Boo the Dog? Well, Snoopy is sort of like Boo—but a cat. Snoopy has eyes bigger than Bette Davis, which in turn, makes her probably the most snuggly cat in the world. (Followers: 188,591 and counting)

5. Richard the Cat (Handle: @richard_kitty)

This curious and attentive puss Richard the Cat was rescued at the age of 2—and thank goodness! Richard has one blue eye and one amber eye, and loves to have his owner take videos of him doing his thang. (Followers: 39, 696 and counting)

6. Lil Bub (Handle: @iamlilbub)

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Lil Bub is very popular. She is not just a professional poser for the camera. She took her passion for writing to the next level and wrote a book! You can (and should!) preorder it today. (Followers: 166,095 and counting)

7. Pudge (Handle: @pudgethecat)

Pudge hails from Minneapolis and might not necessarily like posing for the camera, but is without a doubt spectacularly photogenic. Let’s just say, it was hard to decide which photograph was our favorite. (Followers: 67,099 and counting)

8. Comugi (Handle: @tomochunba)

Comugi is from Japan! She is usually photographed in front of white, beige, or gray backgrounds, which really complement her beautiful and easily filtered coat of orange and white fur quite nicely. She’s purrrrfect. (Followers: 119,164 and counting)

9. Colonel Meow (Handle: @colonelmeow)

The remarkable Colonel has the most daunting expression in this collection: always intense, this long-haired beauty alternately conveys cynicism, dissatisfaction, annoyance, and disgust with delightful precision. Maybe he’s just cranky whenever he can’t fit a nap into his busy, scotch-drinking schedule!? (Followers: 66,102 and counting)