The Alaska Governor's Online Serenades

SNL's Sarah Palin rap was fun, but YouTube stars have been singing about the Alaska governor for months.

I’ll admit it: I cleared my schedule when I heard Sarah Palin was going to appear on SNL. But while Amy Poehler’s rap was a high point, that musical sketch was really nothing more than a wannabe. Long before the adorable VP hopeful shot SNL’s ratings skyward faster than you can shout “drill, baby, drill,” amateur filmmakers all over the country had created Palin music videos of their own. Here are five of the darn-tootin’est.

Song for Sarah Foreigners are so lucky—they can make a complete ass of themselves everyone thinks it’s charming. (If these two really are foreign, that is—so hard to tell in the virtual world.) This video by “Vlad and Boris” is said to come straight from Mother Russia, complete with the requisite vodka-glugging, brooding stares, extra-tight pants and oversized fur hats.

The Sarah Palin Rap After seeing this video, I’d gladly make the trip to LA to watch Heather Anne Campbell do stand-up. In fact, her sense of style and humor almost make me wish I were a hipster. Any tiny white girl who can own a rap like that gets respect in my book.

I’m thinkin’ about nailin’ Sarah Palin Gosh darn it, I wish this song wasn’t so catchy because it’s the most awkward thing I’ve watched in a while. I mean, what kind of guy over 30 undergoes three quick-changes (including a yellow slicker) and sings, “I want to lay down my pipeline” as a sexual innuendo?

Hypnotizer Just when I thought the “I’m thinkin’ about nailin’ Sarah Palin” video was the most awkward I’d ever seen, I arrived at the 26-second mark in this video.

Anyone Can be VPThe creators of this video made two faux paus: 1) Don’t try to be JibJab because JibJab is untouchable, and 2) an online music video that clocks in at over 5 minutes?! Major etiquette violation.