Not Model Behavior

The Best ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Freakouts

As Cycle 20 starts, a look at 10 years of TV’s fiercest tantrums and tears—Tyra style. By Victoria Kezra.


This Friday will mark a momentous event in the history of America’s Next Top Model. Not only is it the 20th cycle and its 10th anniversary—it’s also the show’s first co-ed search. Sure there will be lots of smizing (trademark Tyra), demands to be fieeerrcce, ludicrous challenges that seem tangentially related to modeling at best, and maybe even some actual modeling, but that’s not why we tune in.

We tune in to see the parade of meltdowns, scuffles, and shouting matches. It’s bound to happen when a bunch of girls live together with no entertainment—aside from fighting and humoring Tyra Banks.

Relive the magic of the past 10 years of Top Model with this compilation of the best fights, freakouts, and breakdowns. There’s Cycle 1’s Elyse giving a thorough beatdown to all contestants in one confessional (check out how the budget has increased since Cycle 1), Cycle 8’s Brittany rant about her taxi driver, and the infamous Tyra Banks “WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU,” speech to the wayward Tiffany. And of course, the many, many girls crying over getting their hair cut. Will the introduction of the guys bring calm to the house or just cause love-triangle drama? We hope it’s the latter.