The Best Bill Murray Fan Art

In celebration of Groundhog Day.

Bill Murray worship is at an all-time high. The whimsical movie star’s lifestyle has come, for many, to represent a philosophy worth emulating, and how could it not? Whether he’s crashing strangers’ bachelor parties or randomly running across the tarp at a rain-delayed baseball game, his antics instantly become the stuff of legend. All this is exacerbated by reports the megastar doesn’t even have a manager or agent, and can only be reached via a phone number that goes to a voicemail. If he’s interested, he’ll call you back in a couple weeks.

No matter how you feel about superstitions regarding rodents and shadows and the changing of seasons, one thing this Groundhog Day is perfect for is celebrating the star of the movie with the same name. In that spirit, here’s a roundup of some of our favorite images from the surprisingly vast collection of Bill Murray fan art on Instagram.

Check ’em out, then pour yourself a martini and watch Groundhog Day again.