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The Cuddliest Polar Bear Cub, Dennis Rodman, and More Viral Videos

From Sophia Vergara slapping Jimmy Kimmel to a polar bear cub taking its first steps, watch our countdown of this week’s buzziest videos.


5. The Price is Wrong

Well, actually, the price was in fact right for this lady, but the celebration didn’t quite go as planned. Who doesn’t love a terrific tumble on national television?

4. Taiwanese Animation Does the Worm

These bizarro “news” cartoons just keep getting weirder. This video tackles everyone’s favorite cultural ambassador, Dennis Rodman, on his latest trip to North Korea. Little-known aspects of the story: Rodman is actually a fiery demon-worm that can engulf his prey; Kim Jong-Un likes to dispense golden showers upon his visitors; and panda bears will also be competing in Rodman’s scheduled basketball game.

3. Sophia Vergara Slaps Jimmy Kimmel

What was the late night host expecting when he asked the bombshell whether anyone had ever checked her for a penis? (OK, so Kimmel wasn’t really being mean; he was just reading awful internet comments.)

2. Woman Eats 72 Oz. Steak in Less Than 3 Minutes

Ron Swanson would marry this lady in a heartbeat. Competitive eater Molly Schuyler recently destroyed a world record with this exploit, and watching it might make you want to swear off food forever. In the words of Daily Beast Video Executive Producer Jake Heller, “She looks like a f-ing lion.”

1. Polar Bear Cub Takes First Steps

“Where do I get one?” That’s the typical reaction from those watching this ineffably adorable little guy for the first time. Born on November 9, this new member of the Toronto Zoo is just so cuddly.