The Daily Beast Honored with ONA Award

A year after it first launched, The Daily Beast is the winner of a major award from the Online News Association in the category of Online Commentary.

The Daily Beast is proud to report that it is the winner of an ONA Award, announced Saturday night at the Online News Association’s awards presentation in San Francisco. Launched almost exactly one year ago, the Beast—with 3.9 million monthly unique visitors—went toe-to-toe against other Web sites of similar size. The site's award, for online commentary, went to Daily Beast columnist Christopher Buckley. As the letter nominating Buckley's columns put it, "On October 10, 2008, during the fevered final month of the presidential campaign, a devastating blow to the Republican party was struck in the form of a single sentence published on a five-day-old Web site, The Daily Beast: "Sorry, Dad, I'm voting for Obama." This recognition follows awards for Web site Excellence in News and Politics at the OMMA Awards.

A team of 12 journalists chose the nominees, and the winners included Publish2 under the new category of Technical Innovation,, The Chauncey Bailey Project, Gotham Gazette, ProPublica,, and The New York Times. “We were regularly awed, inspired, and delighted by the quality and innovation evident online today,” said Anthony Moor, a co-chairman of the awards committee and deputy managing editor of The Dallas Morning News.

The Daily Beast would like to thank the Online News Association and all of our readers for your enthusiasm and engagement in helping make our first year such a successful one.

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