The Daily Beast’s Best Longreads, March 22, 2014

From the search for bisexuality to how helicopter parents are hurting their kids, The Daily Beast picks the best journalism from around the web this week.

The Daily Beast

The Scientific Quest to Prove Bisexuality ExistsBenoît Denizet-Lewis, The New York Times MagazineHow a new breed of activists is using science to show—once and for all—that someone can be truly attracted to both a man and a woman.

The Overprotected KidHanna Rosin, The AtlanticA preoccupation with safety has stripped childhood of independence, risk taking, and discovery—without making it safer. A new kind of playground points to a better solution.

Pixel and DimedSarah Kessler, Fast CompanyFor one month, I became the “micro-entrepreneur” touted by companies like TaskRabbit, Postmates, and Airbnb. Instead of the labor revolution I had been promised, all I found was hard work, low pay, and a system that puts workers at a disadvantage.

The Strange Case of Paul de ManPeter Brooks, The New York Review of BooksThe mysterious European émigré who became the father of deconstruction in American literature departments has long been controversial for his dark past. Despite being decades in the making, a highly anticipated new biography fails to shed any light on the story.

My DementiaGerda Saunders, SlateTelling who I am before I forget.

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