‘The Daily Show’s’ Muslim Correspondent Hasan Minhaj Tears into Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’

The ‘Daily Show’s’ Hasan Minhaj thanked President Trump for making Americans finally embrace Muslims.

It’s week two of Donald Trump’s presidency and people are “pissed” about his ban on immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries.

Trevor Noah began Monday night’s Daily Show with the chaotic scenes from airports across the country over the weekend. But it wasn’t until he brought on Muslim correspondent Hasan Minhaj that the show’s criticism of the policy truly came alive.

As Minhaj told Noah, he’s “not surprised” that an American president has decided to label Muslims as the enemy of the United States. While previous presidents have implemented similar policies, he said “Trump is taking this thing to a whole new level.”

Minhaj went on to give a “shout-out” to all his “Republican friends” who promised Trump would never actually enact the “Muslim ban” he promised on the campaign trail. “What the fuck?” he asked. “So we are getting banned?”

Reminded by Noah that “as a citizen” of the U.S. he will not be banned himself, Minhaj shot back, “Yet! We’re on day 11, man. That’s it! Where do you think this is going to go?” He compared it to watching the first episode of Breaking Bad and thinking, “Oh, this is just a science teacher cooking meth, it can’t get any crazier. But it does!”

There was one bright spot to Trump’s executive order, though. As Minhaj explained, usually being a Muslim at the airport “sucks,” but “this weekend it was like I was The Weeknd.”

“How can I hate Trump right now?” he asked. “Just look at what he’s done at the airport. White women were turning their scarves into hijabs. Muslims were publicly praying and people were cheering them on!”

“Think about how crazy this is,” Minhaj continued. “Because of Donald Trump, people were being nice at the airport.” The “beautiful irony,” he said, is that for years Trump has been “terrified” about the spread of Islam in America. “Well congratulations, Mr. President, mission accomplished,” he said, as a protest sign that read “We are all Muslims now” appeared on the screen.