‘The Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Rips Trump: A ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ and ‘Proven Troll’

The ‘Daily Show’ host asks, ‘How are you going to take on a two-term president when you can’t even handle a three-letter word?’

For those who thought hosts like Jimmy Kimmel were wrong to laugh it up with former President George W. Bush last week, Trevor Noah has two words: Donald Trump.

“Oh shit! This is the biggest story ever,” The Daily Show host said of the current president’s latest accusations that his predecessor, President Barack Obama, “tapped” Trump Tower. “Even bigger than last week’s biggest story ever, when the attorney general was caught lying about his contacts with Russia!”

“Donald Trump is the only person who thinks the best way to distract from a scandal is to start an even bigger scandal,” Noah remarked. But that’s exactly what Trump did when he tweeted Saturday morning, “Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my ‘wires tapped’ in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!”

“If you’re going to accuse a former president of committing a major federal crime,” Noah said, “at least show that you have some appreciation for the gravity of what you’re doing.” Instead, he added, Trump made his claims on the “same place we hashtag about The Bachelor” and even managed to misspell the word “tap” (as “tapp”).

“How are you going to take on a two-term president when you can’t even handle a three-letter word?” the host asked, adding, “The extra ‘p’ is for ‘pussy.’”

Noah went on to call this whole story “such B.S.” because “no one needs to spy on Donald Trump, you can just follow him on Twitter.” On top of that, he noted, the president is a “proven troll.”

Most disturbing of all, Noah explained, is where Trump’s baseless claims originated: Breitbart News via conservative radio host Mark Levin. “Oh, that’s comforting,” he said. “The president gets his news from a right-wing conspiracy website.”

“How can you be a conspiracy theorist when you are the president?” Noah asked, pointing out that Trump has access to more information than anyone else in the country. “People make up conspiracies because they don’t know the truth,” he said. “Pretty soon, Trump is going to be covered in tin foil going, ‘The government is spying on me!’”

The “sad” part, Noah added, is that less than a week ago, the media was praising the newly “presidential” Trump. “They were like, ‘Dude, you can trick us if you want. Just talk nice!’” And still he took a “pass.” With two “p’s.”