The Nightly Show’s Larry Wilmore Predicted All-White Oscars

Someone saw this coming.

via YouTube

The day before the Academy announced its all-white lineup of acting nominations, The Nightly Show’s Larry Wilmore had no doubts in his mind about what was coming.

Joined by head writer Robin Thede, Wilmore presented “A Preview of Upcoming Black Oscar Snubs,” because “the only black people in Hollywood getting any love are the ones Sandra Bullock keeps adopting.”

Each and every one of the show’s predictions came true, including snubs for Will Smith in Concussion (“Only white actors can win Oscars for a movie nobody saw”) and Michael B. Jordan in Creed (“He’s a black man that punches people. Does that sound like acting to you?”)

In what was perhaps an optimistic move, The Nightly Show did not predict that the Oscars would also snub Idris Elba for his supporting performance in Beasts of No Nation. The British star was expected to be the only black acting nominee this year, but even he didn’t make the cut, with an unexpected nod in that category going to The Revenant’s Tom Hardy instead.