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The Other Mumford & Sons, Shark Week Insanity & More Viral Videos

From the other Mumford & Sons to the first lab-grown burger, WATCH our countdown of the buzziest clips.

World’s First Lab-Grown Burger

Go on, eat your heart out. In London on Monday, a groundbreaking bionic hamburger was cooked and eaten for the first time. “Cultured Beef,” grown in a test tube from a living cow’s stem cells, is the baby of Dutch scientist Mark Post and could eventually be a life-changing sustainable alternative to traditional beef. But how does it taste?

John Oliver Slams the ‘Sharktroversy’

Shark Week fans, brace yourselves. Although the Discovery Channel show Megalodon purported to uncover the existence of a terrifying leviathan, the creature doesn’t actually exist. And The Daily Show host wasn’t impressed, angrily bashing the network for its fake, “two-hour sharkgasm.”

Obama Tells Leno About al Qaeda Threat

Although he didn’t go into details, the president visited The Tonight Show on Tuesday to discuss the recent terrorist threat that has prompted U.S. embassy closures and travel warnings. Obama said it is “significant enough that we’re taking every precaution.”

Conan Has a Run In With the Rhubarb Lady

According to Conan O’Brien, the notorious Rhubarb Lady hasn’t just been terrorizing her neighbors; she’s been around the Warner Brothers lot for years. She even had the audacity to steal from his personal rhubarb plant.

#SharkCat Cleans Your Kitchen

This year, even cats are getting pumped for Shark Week. Watch as this little furball details the kitchen floor, all while dressed as his favorite ocean predator.

Jason Sudeikis Learns Soccer

To welcome the English Premier League to NBC, the former SNL star took over as coach of Tottenham Hotspur. The only problem? He thought they played the other kind of football.

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Manning Brothers’ Unreal Music Video

This is either the sign of the apocalypse ... or the greatest thing ever. Peyton and Eli Manning team up with DirecTV to bring you “Football on your Phone,” a swagtastic R&B jam featuring video babes, awful dance moves, and dad Archie on a golden throne.

The New Mumford & Sons

The members of Mumford & Sons were replaced by Ed Helms, Jason Sudeikis, Jason Bateman, and Will Forte in this beautifully bizarre new music video from the folk quartet.

The Panhandler Prank

The guys at College Humor (a fellow IAC property) are behind this funny, yet thought-provoking prank that features a less-than-conventional panhandler. “This cup in my hand is not for change; I have plenty of my own.”

Really Buff Guy Can’t Open Water Bottle

This footage from a Mets game shows a very muscular fan struggling to complete a pretty simple task. “Sir, I think you’ve got the wrong workout program,” mocks one announcer.