The Real Bonnie and Clyde

When an infamous bank robber and his partner in crime were finally caught in 1934, dying almost immediately in a barrage of bullets on an isolated back road, crowds swarmed their car in search of souvenirs. “He was nothing but an itty-bitty little fart,” noted one onlooker after seeing the notorious bandit Clyde Barrow in the flesh. Go Down Together, a new book by noted Texas writer Jeff Guinn, seeks to bring forth a very different Bonnie and Clyde than the pair from the 1967 film. “A real strength of this book is that you get a strong sense of the historical landscape against which their story took place,” The Daily Mails notes. One such example: Guinn notes that as newspaper circulation was falling during the Great Depression, the papers were wild about crime stories. Thus, Bonnie and Clyde became an even bigger sensation than they might have been. Someone tell the nation’s dailies.