Ain't Pretty

The Secret Instagram Where Doctors Diagnose Weird Diseases

We scrolled through so you don’t have to.

Photo Illustration by Sarah Rogers/The Daily Beast

Love Instagram but tired of all those trite pics of little people in big landscapes, cats, and food? Yearning for something a little more serious? Don’t suppose you’re also a Grey’s Anatomy fan, too, are you? Or maybe snuff films?

If so, man do we have the app for you.

Meet Figure-1, which is being fairly accurately touted in the media as “Instagram for Doctors,” a new photo-sharing service for iPhone and Android that allows health care professionals to upload images from their cases for educational and professional purposes. Since laypeople can also download the app, which features endless scrolling through wounds, pustules, tumors, and X-rays, it could just as easily be billed as “Instagram for Doctors, Serial Killers, And People Who Think They Have It Bad But Want To Be Proven Otherwise.”

Or maybe “Seamless for Hannibal Lecter.”

A word of warning: Unless you can sit through all of the Saw movies without batting an eyelash, Figure-1 may not be the time suck for you.

That said, it provides those in the health biz an invaluable, and ingenious, tool for teaching, treating, and diagnosing tricky symptoms. One scroll through the comments section of a post—full of questions, suggestions, and answers—will prove positive this is a working concept.

And, all voyeurism aside, that’s the point.

We downloaded the app and took it for a test ride, which involved lots of gasping, eye aversion, and at least one editor slinking off to an as yet undetermined location.

What are you missing? What gory details are in there? Here are five samples to whet your appetite (for destruction).

A word of warning: These are the tamest, most SFW images we came across, but if you want to dig in and see the real deal in all of its gnarly, open wound, puss-gushing, bone fragmented glory, get yourself to the app store of your choice and download away. Bonus: It’s free.