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This week, Natalie Portman went on an anti-meat campaign, British theater companies went digital, and a Glee single went gold. View our gallery of the week in art, music, TV, and film.

The cold front has set in, and everyone seems to have a lot of opinions this week. Natalie Portman is stumping for vegans, blind/deaf advocacy groups have formed an alliance against 13-year-old actress Abigail Breslin, critics are crowing about This Is It and The House of the Devil, and Bill Cosby is back talking to the press about how abominable sitcoms are these days. But there are some happy spots— Glee’s first single went gold, Michael Jackson’s memorial film raked in some millions, a British Web site is bringing theater to your iPod, the Lilith Fair is returning, and a 23-year-old singer who recorded a pop song in his parents’ basement is living the American Dream with a No. 1 single on the Billboard charts. All this—and many more opinions—inside the Week in Culture.

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Rachel Syme is culture editor of The Daily Beast.