The Week’s Best Longreads for July 20, 2013

The Daily Beast picks the best journalism from around the Web this week. By David Sessions.

“Jahar’s World”Janet Reitman, Rolling Stone

He was a charming kid with a bright future. But no one saw the pain he was hiding or the monster he would become.

“Jack Handey Is the Envy of Every Comedy Writer in America”Dan Kois, The New York Times Magazine

The man behind “Deep Thoughts” and the quest for the one true joke.

“Why Everybody Loves Tesla”Ashlee Vance, Bloomberg Businessweek

“Trouble in Paradise”Slavoj Žižek, London Review of Books

“The Enduring Rift”Joshua DuBois, Newsweek

Understanding our inner Travyons and inner Zimmermans.

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