Anarchy in the UK

The X Factor of Sex Invades Britain: Rebecca More’s ‘Sex Tour’ Enrages U.K. Politicians

A porn star is filming a reality show in which she travels across England picking up random locals for sex in the back of a van. Local politicians are furious.


On October 17, Rebecca More embarked on a cross-country tour of Britain. If you’re picturing the cheeky, epicurean excursion of Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon’s The Trip, well, think again.

More, a busty porn star who goes by the cutting-edge sobriquet “UK MILF,” is in the midst of what she calls a “Sex Tour of England,” cruising across the country in a van and scooping up dozens of strangers for sex (think Under the Skin, minus the vanishing bodies). The tour began Friday in Birmingham and will include stops in Manchester, Leeds, and Southhampton before wrapping up October 25 in London. More is filming the sex marathon for Television X—a popular U.K. adult TV network best known for airing the Downton Abbey porn parody Down on Abby earlier this year. The U.K. tabloids, as is their wont, have branded her “shameless,” “sordid,” and “the scourge of society.”

But this isn’t any old sex tour. It’s a contest—like The X Factor of Sex—wherein interested parties could enter to win via the network’s website, as well as via large ads that the network took out in U.K. tabloids like The Sun containing a scannable barcode to enter. According to Television X, more than 2,000 people in Birmingham alone applied, and people on Twitter have been implored to follow #DoRebecca for a constant stream of X-rated updates.

“Anyone can apply,” a tour rep told the adult film site Xbiz back in August. “Whether you are a builder, butcher, student, office worker, sex mad sports men or a layabout, it doesn’t matter, all you need to do is apply and you can Do Rebecca.”

More, using the privacy-protected Twitter handle @divaliciousUK, called the tour “a riot,” adding, “I love working for Television X, it’s the home of Brit porn and is dedicated to top notch filth for all tastes.”

Local politicians, however, are none too pleased.

After More passed through Birmingham, the porn star was blasted by Birmingham Perry Barr MP Khalid Mahmood.

“It obviously sends out the message that this kind of thing goes on in Birmingham,” Mahmood told the Birmingham Mail. “That’s not the right message for the city to send out and it creates a negative image of Birmingham. We can’t confront what happens in a van, but I would urge the local authority to ensure that it doesn’t in any way affect our communities and young people.”

The 20 locals whom More claimed to have had sex with in Birmingham, however, seemed to enjoy their van time. Take the testimonial of Matthew Phelan, who goes by the moniker “King Body Art” and claims to be the most heavily tattooed man in Britain:

On Saturday, the van passed through Manchester, and on Sunday, it made its way through Leeds on its way to the London borough of Camden. Local politicians there are also fired up over More’s antics.

“It sounds horrible,” Camden Green Party Councillor Sian Berry told The Mirror. “It does not sound like the sort of thing we would want in Camden.”

More’s self-described “Sex Tour” is, of course, nothing new. Back in 2009, U.K. porn star Tanya Tate made headlines in Ireland when she traversed the countryside in a van picking up strangers for sex in Tanya Tate’s Sex Tour of Ireland. That voyage was directed by the same fella, Macondo, who’s helming the More series. Tate’s version caused a splash because one of the men she slept with was Tom Keogh, the brother of then-Fianna Fáil county councillor John Keogh, who was considered a rising political star at the time. Another was Greg Jacob, a pro rugby player for Gaelic Athletic Association.“I don’t regret doing it,” Jacob told the Belfast Telegraph. “It was just a bit of fun. It was a dare from the lads.”