This Is President Trump’s New Twitter Header. It Is Very, Very Trump-y.

Considering how often the man tweets, you’d think he’d know the basics.


Monday evening, President Trump tried to prove to the world just how social-media savvy he is.

In what appears to be a lame attempt to pin a tweet about Ex-CIA Director James Clapper to his profile, Trump uploaded a poorly photoshopped quote card into his Twitter header instead.

This is likely how it looks on your phone:

The 45th president really doesn’t seem to know that he could just, you know, pin the tweet. No need for the yuuuge banner.

On top of which, if you look at his account on your desktop, it gets cut off.

So, if you’re imagining the commander-in-chief squatting on the john, using some sort of wonky pic-stitch app, you may not be too far off.