This Little Thing Called Federal Law

Pennsylvania decision makes four states where courts have ruled against GOP voter suppression.

A confusing but heartening decision in Pennsylvania today, where the judge basically ruled that people can vote with or without picture ID.

This is at least the fourth state where conservatives and Republicans trying to pursue voter suppression legislation have lost. We have Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida, and now the good old Keystone State. Here for example is the Florida news from late August. And here’s a little summary. A few voter ID laws did get pre-clearance from the Justice Department, in Virginia and New Hampshire, but these are “non-strict” voter ID requirements, meaning that voters without ID can still vote by signing an affadavit vouching for their own identity.

Multiple choice quiz. What is happening here?

A. Vast conspiracy among left-wing judges, joined by the media, to let the freeloaders of America vote without paying taxes.

B. Plot by Acorn, Hugo Chavez, Bill Ayres, and Frantz Fanon, and if you think it matters that Fanon has been dead for 51 years, you don’t understand how these things work.

C. This Little Thing We Have Called Federal Law

In other words, friends, federal law very clearly, and for what I should think are rather obvious historical reasons, comes down on the default side of letting people vote. The law, and the judges seated to uphold it, will generally frown on attempts to impinge upon the franchise in the ways Republicans wish to do.

It’s also just amazing, isn’t it, that the only voter fraud scandal of this election (alleged, at this point) is a Republican one. Unable to find any cases of actual voter fraud on the Democratic side, the Republicans have apparently decided to go out and commit some to prove with finality that the problem exists!

It’s nice to see that open cheating still doesn’t work.