This South Carolina Democrat Just Channeled Frank Underwood In A New Ad

Archie Parnell is vying for South Carolina’s 5th—the same seat at the ‘House of Cards’ protagonist.


We have a new contender for one of the best political campaign ads ever.

Archie Parnell is the Democratic candidate running to replace Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney’s (R) seat in Congress. Mulvaney’s seat just happens to be the same as Frank Underwood’s from Netflix’s House of Cards.

Seeing a glorious window of opportunity, Parnell seized the moment and spoofed the über popular show with his latest ad. According to South Carolina’s The Post and Courier, Parnell released the ad online Tuesday—the same day House of Cards season 5 dropped.

Throughout the ad Parnell is seen channeling his inner Underwood, recreating some of Underwood’s most iconic scenes.

The tax attorney opens by saying he knows “enough about tax laws to bore you to tears.” Then does one of the famous Underwood asides: “And I also know a few other things.”

Parnell strolls around in a tux, uses a rowing machine, and looks pensive while gazing at war figurines. He even drops the best Frank Underwood one-liners.

He also threw a few jabs at the Trump administration.

“The President of the United States fired the FBI director,” Parnell says while on the phone. Placing the call on hold he looks to the camera and says, “That actually happened. It’s not on the show.”

Later Parnell mentions the allegations Donald Trump gave classified information to the Russians while in a meeting in the Oval Office. “Yep that’s a thing too,” he says curtly.

The ad ends with a bold statement: “Archie Parnell is no Frank Underwood and Washington shouldn’t be like House of Cards.”