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This Suite Of Apps Could Help You Become The Next Bezos

Get your startup motors running—the race is on.


By The Beast

It can take a lot to get a business off the ground (a great idea, a niche market, a dedicated team, unrelenting motivation) but the hardest part of running a startup is trying to do more with less. Budding entrepreneurs just don’t typically have access to the same resources that more established companies do. That’s where the Complete Startup Toolkit Bundle comes in.

From copywriting to Facebook marketing, increasing sales through email campaigns to leveraging unique domains for visibility, this bundle is the perfect toolkit to help you bootstrap your startup. Through its 14 full-service apps and 23 immersive courses, you’ll get the tools to double your output without adding overhead, and gain access to program features that will improve your overall productivity, starting with…

Education. You can't use tools unless you understand the concepts that power them, and the Complete Startup Toolkit Bundle kicks off with 36 hours of content that will help you become a master of Facebook advertising, email marketing and copywriting. These skills will help you drive traffic to your website, build a solid email list of targeted consumers, convert visitors into customers — all with the end goal of increasing sales.

Marketing. Phase two will teach you how to develop a compelling brand, drive leads and convert them into sales. While marketing is notorious for being comprised of lots of essential but time-consuming tasks, this bundle includes apps that do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. LeadPages and AppLandr will help you create professional looking landing pages that drive signups to product updates and help bolster your sales; ConvertKit, which you can use to create automated email marketing flows that turn these leads and subscribers into customers; Planable, an interface that will help you develop a more comprehensive content calendar. Then there’s Social Insider—which will enable you to view your competitor's social media strategy with tracking tools—and SERanking, which puts your SEO and SERP analysis on autopilot, tracks keywords, backlinks, and can do an SEO audit in a snap. Neither last nor least, Webinarninja will make it easy to conduct seamless webinar events that you can use to connect with users and potential customers.

Communication. When you’re launching a startup, it can feel like there's never enough time to get everything done—and that’s why optimizing the way you connect with customers, clients and partners is key. The Complete Startup Toolkit makes those interactions easier via CrankWheel, an app which lets you share your screen instantly with anyone, as well as the screenshot tool Cloudapp and StepShot Guides, which makes it easy to create training videos for your growing team or step-by-step guides for your customers.

Management. You may be launching a brand new business, but when it comes to marketing there’s no need to completely reinvent the wheel. The bundle hooks you up with Bizplan, which not only helps you build a comprehensive business plan but helps you get your pitch deck together, identify your value proposition, project revenues and get funding. If you’re still getting your domaine act together, Radix .TECH and .STORE domains will help you get the ball rolling on your site build.

Self Employment. When you’re self-employed, taxes can be a total nightmare, but Track will help you set aside the right amount of money by monitoring your 1099 income. But first you’ve got to make than money, so Twine Pro, another included bundle feature, is a platform designed for creative freelancers to pitch and apply for contract work. (The Pro subscription gives you 3X the standard number of available pitches per month!)

If that sounds like a lot of stuff… That’s because it is. The Complete Startup Toolkit Bundle is an incredible $6,572.97 value. But you can get it today for 99% off—just $29.

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