Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Destroys the Trump-Christie Bromance in Super Tuesday Take Down

During Yahoo’s Super Tuesday coverage, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog had a field day with the new Donald Trump and Chris Christie alliance.

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog’s big election special may have started streaming early last month on Hulu, but the country’s most astute political satirist puppet is far from finished with the 2016 field.

After reporting live from New Hampshire for MSNBC back in January, Triumph showed up during Yahoo’s Super Tuesday coverage last night. And he could not get enough of the campaign's strangest new development: Donald Trump and Chris Christie together at last.

“How about that speech we just saw, that press conference, with Christie just standing there behind Trump?” Triumph asked Katie Couric, who was seated beside him. “I think it’s quite clear that Christie is going to get a job in Trump’s administration… as the wall.”

Triumph also congratulated Trump on winning Arkansas “by appealing to that state’s much-coveted demo of 18-49 IQ points.”

Another development in the Trump campaign since Triumph’s special aired is the GOP frontrunner’s initial refusal to disavow David Duke and KKK. Taking on Trump’s point of view, Triumph said, “Look, I’ve got a million white supremacists voting for me, how am I supposed to know all of them by name?”

On Marco Rubio’s tough night, Triumph added, “His delegate count is so tiny, it’s almost like I’m staring at Trump’s fingers.”

The Insult Comic Dog didn’t have much to say about the Democratic candidates, but he did suggest that, for Bernie Sanders, Super Tuesday usually means “that he only went to bathroom once in the middle of the night.”

Last month, Triumph’s handler Robert Smigel told The Daily Beast that the Hulu special would hopefully be a “jumping off point” for more political coverage as the 2016 campaign progresses. He is certainly not lacking for material.