Trump Awkwardly Shoves the Prime Minister of Montenegro at NATO Headquarters. It Was Weird.

The President of the United States had yet another awkward encounter with a foreign dignitary.

Kevin Coombs/Reuters

While visiting NATO’s headquarters, President Donald Trump made an interesting move.

The president was walking with a group of NATO leaders when he abruptly maneuvered around the Prime Minister of Montenegro, Duško Marković.

Based on the footage, it looks like Trump not only maneuvered, but pushed the prime minister out of his way. According to CNN, the move brought the president to the front of the pack.

This isn’t the first awkward encounter The Donald has had on his trip abroad.

First, there was when he touched a glowing globe that ended up looking like a scene from Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings.

Then there was the photo with Pope Francis.

And lastly a slightly aggressive handshake with French President Emmanuel Macron.