Trump Staffer Caught Sharing Racist Memes on Facebook

An Iowa staffer shared posts disparaging Muslims and Mexicans, as well as likening Obama to Hitler.

Days after Donald Trump’s campaign fired a staffer for racist Facebook posts, including one in which the staffer referred to Al Sharpton’s daughter as the n-word, The Daily Beast discovered another Trump staffer sharing racist memes on Facebook.

Brad Nagel is listed as a senior political adviser for Trump’s presidential exploratory committee in Iowa. Nagel has few entries but during the 2012 election, he posted several racist memes making fun of President Obama that are popular on the far-right.

The Trump campaign did not respond to a request for comment by publication time.

In September 2012, Nagel shared a post suggesting blacks would riot if Obama lost to Mitt Romney with the caption: “Bring it on you bunch of racist brainwashed zombies.”

In August 2012, Nagel shared a photo likening Muslim women to ski-mask wearing burglars.

Twice in 2012, Nagel associated the Obama administration with Nazism.

Nagel, echoing his future boss on immigration, shared the image below in February 2012 saying “we all know this is true.”

Nagel also shared Trump’s birther sentiments, shown with this image he shared in April 2012