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Trump’s No. 1 Fan Is a Ricky-Martin-Hating Latina Birther

Trump's most passionate worshipper thinks he was sent from heaven, and has blanketed her social-media accounts with pro-Trump, anti-establishment messages.


That was the resounding, loud endorsement given by Myriam Witcher, a devout Trump fan who was invited on-stage by the Republican presidential frontrunner during a Las Vegas rally on Thursday. Witcher, a Colombian immigrant, was picked out of the crowd after Trump spotted her flaunting a copy of the issue of People magazine featuring his face on the cover.

“I’m Hispanic, Latina and I love me some Trump,” she told the Las Vegas Sun. “He’s the perfect man, a businessman.”

Witcher comes off as a relentlessly devoted, highly caffeinated epitome of the rarest of political breeds: the Latina Trump voter. Sure, Trump’s polling among women is fairly standard for a male Republican contender, but some of his comments—namely, the Mexican-rapists, border-wall-building, mass-deportation ones—have ensured that his standing among Latino voters has remained miles through the floor. (Despite his repeated insistence that he will win the Hispanic vote as the Republican nominee, polls consistently find an overwhelming majority of Latinos have a negative opinion of the GOP frontrunner.)

Still, Witcher couldn’t care less about Trump’s nativist rhetoric. In fact, she’s all for it.

“Oh my God, he is coming—he is our man sent from heaven,” she told CNN host Brooke Baldwin on Friday. “He is a very, very beautiful human being, beautiful heart, a lot of love and compassion.”

It wasn’t the first time Witcher has gushed about how physically attractive Trump is (to her). A quick glance at her Facebook page reveals an abundance of Trump obsessions—his politics, his business acumen, his looks.

“Handsome and GENIUS ! It’s TRUE, he graduated from WHARTON to achieve extraordinary success,” she wrote in September. “Trump is the ONLY candidate that everyone AGREES 100% will deliver what he says. He’s a sure bet to preserving freedom and prosperity for our GENERATION! IN OUR Children. VOTE TRUMP PRESIDENT 2016!”

The vast majority of her Facebook posts are political and wildly pro-Trump. (There are, too, a few collections of pretty nature pics sprinkled here and there.) There’s the run-of-the-mill anti-Obama, anti-Hillary, anti-establishment stuff you’ve come to expect from a right-winger with access to WiFi. Though her intense dislike of Puerto Rican pop star Ricky Martin—and her accusation that he’s part of some unofficial anti-American “Mafia”—is likely unique to her.

“We have illegals and the Mafia team!” she breathlessly wrote. “Hillary, Jeb, Carson, Jorge Ramos, Ricky Martin, Mark Antony, Shakira, Univision, Stop insulting our hard working Americans! Americans want better for themselves and are doing things the right way!!!!!! I love all of you who want better!!! Shame on you Ricky Martin and your MAFIA TEAM! VOTE TRUMP!”

(Ricky Martin recently condemned Trump’s immigration comments as, among other things, “racist.”)

And, much like her political idol, Witcher appears to be a birther. “America! Almost Eight years in still we do not know where Obama was Born?” she asked last month.

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Of course, Witcher would be the first to say that she and The Donald are nothing if not political soulmates.

“I go by my heart, and I’m very similar [to] Mr. Trump,” she said on CNN. “I just say what I feel. And this is me, and I support him 100 percent.”

Witcher and the Trump campaign did not respond to requests for comment.