TSA Confiscates Replica Gun Heels

TSA via Twitter

High heels clad with replica guns may not be dangerous, but they're definitely not allowed on airplanes.

One woman tested her luck last week, sporting black patent pumps with a heel resembling a miniature gun. Despite the lack of imminent danger that shoes actually proposed, the TSA confiscated the replica gun-clad heels at LaGuardia Airport last week. The owner voluntarily surrendered her shoes, and faced no further consequences other than having to trek through security barefoot.

The TSA tweeted a photo of the heels with the caption “Also, what not to wear at #LGA checkpoint.”

Pumps with ornate heels have become popularized amongst designer footwear, including Prada's collection of shoes with heels inspired by flames and rocket ships and Charlotte Olympia's wild styles—for example a pair of heels decorated with a pink poodle.

If interested in owning the gun-adorned high heels (and planning on avoiding the TSA), a Google search shows that the shoes can be purchased online for anywhere between $60 to $125. [ABC News]