Turkish Airlines Flight Crew Delivers Baby Mid-Air

A baby girl made an unexpected appearance during a Turkish Airlines flight.


Friday morning, Turkish Airlines had a surprise passenger mid-flight.

According to NBC News, the cabin crew of the Boeing 737 delivered a baby girl during a flight from Conarky, Guinea to Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. The mother, Nafi Diaby,was 28-weeks pregnant and had been complaining about labor pains throughout the flight. When the flight crew saw Diaby in distress, they came to her aide and helped deliver baby girl Kadiju.

After Kadiju was born, the flight team posed for photos with their new passenger–and they are precious. Turkish Airlines announced the delivery on Twitter saying, “Welcome on board Princess!”

Turkish Airlines’ policy of travelling while pregnant reads, “Passengers who have not yet entered their 28th week of pregnancy are able to travel without a doctor’s note. Passengers expecting 1 child and who are between the start of the 28th and end of the 35th week of pregnancy are able to travel with a doctor’s note containing the statement ‘There is no particular reason for the patient not to fly.’”

Upon arrival to the Burkina Faso capital the mother and daughter were taken to the hospital. The airline said both were healthy and doing well.