Tween Trump Cheerleaders Sing: ‘Deal From Strength or Get Crushed!’

The manager for the USA Freedom Girls says his daughters like The Donald’s policies and are going to be, well, yuge.

America’s hottest new girl group dances for Donald Trump.

“President Donald Trump knows how to make America great, deal from strength or get crushed every time!” sang the USA Freedom Kids, three young girls wearing American flag dresses, at a Trump event in Pensacola, Florida, on Wednesday night.

Manager Jeff Popick said the girls, including his daughter, like Trump because he “makes them feel very safe.”

“For our group and for me, and I do have obviously quite a bit of influence in the direction that this is going, it’s all 100 percent about freedom, about American freedom,” Popick told The Daily Beast over the phone. “And I think Donald Trump is going to be the best person far and away, to protect that freedom. That is where we are aligned 100 percent.”

Popick, a real estate manager by day, drives the USA Freedom Girls to events in a pink stretch Hummer limo, as pictured on the group’s website.

Popick said the group had been in discussion with a number of presidential candidates about performance opportunities but Trump was the most responsive. Popick declined to say how much money he made from booking the Trump event.

“You know, without sounding like I have an attitude, if I wanted to interview you and ask you what your salary is—certain things are just beyond—what does it matter?”

Popick said the girls are doing a show for Memorial Day that may be broadcast on a national network.

“This isn’t just a small thing. USA Freedom Kids are going to be a national brand. And it’s a great thing for the country.”