Twitter Breaks Strike News

Protesters in Iran have been using social media to spread the word—and now reports are trickling in that Mousavi is calling for a massive “Green Revolution” strike tomorrow.

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Twitter reports are now saying that Mousavi is calling for a national strike tomorrow.

Protesters in Iran have been using email, Facebook, and Tweets to spread the word and once again scooping mainstream-media outlets in the meantime.

Some of the messages are calling for people who are outraged by the injustice to tell their friends and family to strike in the name of the “Green Revolution,” which will go on day and night, they say.

There are rumblings that the Bazaar of Tehran may join in the strike, which would be a huge blow to the economy and the government.

Within these same email chains, people are circulating filters to get around Internet bans as well as petitions against the “June 2009 coup d’etat.” One Web site is asking Iranians to recast their ballots online in an attempt to confirm that the election was stolen.

Also, through word of mouth, there are rumors that police are breaking into the houses of people they may deem suspect. There are still many former political prisoners living in Iran who were imprisoned directly after the 1979 revolution for their various activities. There is word that many of them are not returning to their homes tonight for fear of being arrested again.