Ukraine Just Threw MAJOR Shade at Russia on Twitter

Ukraine just went there.

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast

As tensions mount between Ukraine and Russia, all gifs are fair game.

On Tuesday, Ukraine tweeted, “When @Russia says Anne de Kiev established Russia-France relations, let us remind the sequence of events.”

Anne de Kiev was the French queen consort from 1051–1060 and lived in what is now the capital of Ukraine.

And here’s how Russia’s Twitter responded.

Then this happened.

Using a gif from The Simpsons episode Simpson Tide, Ukraine owns Russia on Twitter. The gif shows a Russian ambassador at the United Nations laughing as a plate flips from “Russia” to “Soviet Union.”

Ukraine was a part of the Soviet Union and tensions between the two nations have been high since 2014 when Russia took over the Crimean peninsula.

"We are very tired of predicting things we don't want to happen," Al Jean, showrunner for The Simpsons, told The Daily Beast on Tuesday, responding to the news of the tweet and, more broadly, renewed Russian military aggression.

The Simpsons has longstanding track record of accidentally predicting world events including the Syrian Civil War and the Trump presidency.

“[President Trump] came out of this show’s take on America—the sort of thing America would kind of do,” Dan Greaney, The Simpsons writer responsible for that joke/prediction, told The Daily Beast in August 2015. “And this was when Trump was, frankly, less negative than he is now. He was a little more lovable back then, before the birther thing and all that.”

additional reporting by Asawin Suebsaeng