United Airlines Passenger Stung by a Scorpion

In case you needed another reason to avoid flying United.


This is not United’s week.

First, a passenger was viciously dragged off of a flight, suffering a concussion, broken bones and lost teeth. And now, on Thursday, United confirmed that what was likely a scorpion (yeah, a scorpion) fell from an overhead bin, landed on, and then stung one of its passengers on a flight from Houston to Calgary, Canada. Sadly, this is not the plotline for a movie starring Samuel L. Jackson.

Passenger Richard Bell described the pain as feeling like “a wasp sting,” and the scorpion was quickly flushed down a plane toilet. Scorpion bites can be fatal, but Bell was luckily fine. United spokesman Charles Hobart told CNBC that the airline’s flight crew immediately spoke with a physician on the ground in Calgary to guide them through the fiasco.

This is just one more blow to United Airlines, whose stocks have plummeted this week. Just wait ‘til social media gets ahold of this.