U.S. Olympian Jason Brown Is Stealing the Show with His Ponytail Power

Move over, Johnny Weir. There’s a new style star in Sochi. Nineteen-year-old figure skater Jason Brown has been rocking a signature hairstyle that even has its own Twitter account.

Former Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir has set high style standards in Sochi, with millions watching to see what he’ll wear next to the NBC commentator’s table. But he’s not the only one bringing fashion to the Russian games. A newcomer to the sport has begun to steal the spotlight…with his hair.

Jason Brown, the 19-year-old U.S. figure skater from Highland Park, Illinois sports a signature ponytail that has just earned its own parody Twitter account.

After all, what else is the world suppose to judge when you’re nailing all of your moves?

During the U.S. national figure skating championships in Boston, Brown had spectators on their feet before he even finished his routine. It’s his ability to put on a performance and connect with the audience that has made his unique riverdance routines an exciting addition to the Olympic competition—and kept him edging closer to the top three.

While he is definitely a fan favorite, his hair isn’t always pleased with his performance, recently tweeting “Idk why sassy hair flips aren’t already choreographed into Jason’s programs, why not showcase me when you can???”

But the ‘do knows where its loyalties lie, tweeting “Maybe if some of these skaters had some pony power their country would be placed higher in the team event so far #sorrynotsorry #ponypower,” and it isn’t afraid to fan rivalries with the styling choices of other skaters (“I am so much better than Kevin Reynold’s hair”).

Hopefully his “pony power” won’t get too big an ego. We are counting on Brown to have his best performance ever at the final competition on Friday.