Pippa's New Boy

Vacay Options With Pippa Middleton's New Man

James Matthews' Parents own Eden Rock hotel

Seems like Pippa's got herself a new man, and he could prove handy for family holidays free from prying lenses with her royal sister and in-laws, as his parents own the Eden Rock hotel on St Barth's.

Nice work Pippa!

The party-promoting auteur, who recently pronounced herself 'startled' to be famous 'on account of her bottom' his dating investment banker James Matthews – whose other family claim to fame is that his brother, Spencer, stars in a British TV ­reality soap.

Kate's little sister has been seen in London with financier James twice over the past few weeks, according to the UK Mirror.

Nine days ago James, 37, was snapped holding open a taxi door for Pippa after the pair dined together at a fancy-pants London Chinese restaurant, Hakkasan, but the pics have only just been published.

According to the Mirror, friends say the couple’s relationship has gone “from strength to strength” in recent weeks.

They were also spotted together ­having dinner a Queen’s tennis Club, in West Kensington, London, one of Pippa's favourite hangouts.

On her recent date Pippa, 29, wore a black dress and high heels.

Inside Hakkasan restaurant in Mayfair, the pair were spotted “openly flirting with one another” as they ate.An onlooker told the Mirror, in best tabloid fashion: “Pippa and James sat in a secluded booth in the upstairs area, where it was quieter, sharing a bottle of white wine. They were deep in conversation and only had eyes for each other. Pippa was all smiles and kept ­giggling. They stayed for nearly three hours and didn’t seem to want the meal to end.”

Old Etonian James is chief executive of the Eden Rock ­Capital Management group, which he ­founded in 2001.

His parents own the Eden Rock hotel on the Caribbean island of St Barts, which, their website says, they bought in 1995 and has become "St Barth's most famous and most fashionable place to stay."

Pippa split from her long-term boyfriend of three-years, city banker Alex Loudon, in 2011.