Vegas Thieves Take Off With Thousands of Condoms and Sex Toys

Two Las Vegas men plan a two-part heist at a high end sex toy company

A duo of thieves in Las Vegas wanted to make sure they had a pretty good Memorial Day weekend.  

Over the holiday weekend, the two planned a two-part heist at the a high end sex toy company, Lelo. The robbery was all caught on the warehouse’s surveillance camera.   

The first heist happened on Friday night at 7:45 pm. The two men entered into the Lelo Warehouse through a back gate. The men left two shipping boxes filled with Lelo Hexo condoms. The company estimates that the two boxes together contained over 30,000 individually wrapped condoms.

Clearly, the men didn’t get enough of what they were looking for the night before.

The following morning, the men backed their car through the warehouse door and quickly threw a few more boxes of through the car’s busted back window. This time, the boxes not only contained condoms but sex toys totaling up to $10,000. Another box also contained some undisclosed merchandise.

There is no confirmation if the robberies are connected as of yet but the company is asking for the public’s help to help catch the culprits and their merchandise.

Watch it here.