VIDEO: Brian Williams Makes Us Cringe By Calling Syrian Missiles ‘Beautiful’

Leave it to Brian Williams to try to reveal the bright side of the Syrian strike.

President Trump launched 50 missiles days after Bashar al-Assad unleashed a deathly chemical attack on his own citizens. Everyone’s losing their shit about the potential of a war in Syria, and frankly, there’s not much to celebrate. Yet, here comes Brian Williams to remind us about the, uh, bright side of things.

Williams, of fallen fame, took over Twitter trends again today when he couldn’t stop elaborating on the “beauty” of missiles being fired off of the decks of U.S. Navy vessels.

He even quotes song lyrics from Leonard Cohen’s “First We Take Manhattan.” Between you and me, Cohen would roll over in his grave if he knew.

“I am guided by the beauty of our weapons,” says Williams, fawning over the brightly lit death weapons. Williams is so blinded by their “beauty” that he proceeds to call it out not once, but three more times.

For the record, these are the missiles. Not sure "beautiful" is the right adjective.

Not a good day for Brian and the Internet.