Viral Video of the Day: Frozen is the New Black

How did this not happen sooner?

Frozen and Orange is the New Black have a few things in common. They each tell stories featuring strong female leads. Each one became wildly popular and successful in 2013. They both have catchy signature songs. And now they’ve been mashed up together in a clever parody, though mercifully without the obligatory chorus of 'Let It Go.'

'Frozen is the New Black,' made by animator Leigh Lahav, depicts a 'princess prison' where Frozen’s Elsa serves time for turning her kingdom cold. Her fellow inmates are also Disney princesses, including little mermaid Ariel, Snow White, and Brave’s Merida. Even Beauty and the Beast villain Gaston pops up as—fittingly—the 'Pornstache' stand-in.

It appears to be a stand-alone clip but the potential is there for a longer webseries, as long as Lahav doesn't bump into any rights issues.