Viral Video of the Day: Jon Stewart Wants to Buy CNN

'Daily Show' host launches mock $10B crowdfunding campaign

Jon Stewart has been locked in a feud with CNN reaching as far back as his famous showdown with Tucker Carlson on the news network’s previous incarnation of Crossfire. Nary a month has passed since that the Daily Show host hasn't criticized CNN for the accuracy, precision and/or frequency of their reporting.

After years of taking the network to task, Stewart may have found a solution: launch a Kickstarter campaign to buy CNN.

Let’s Buy CNN offers news viewers a chance to buy a stake in the network and, under the editorial guidance of Stewart himself, 'get back to its roots... start showing music videos again, like in the 80s.'

Of course, this isn't real; the site is just a screenshot mockup with no links or means to donate. However, the social media response to the gag campaign could quantify public opinion of CNN in a way that Nielsen ratings can’t.