Viral Video of the Day: Psy & Snoop Dogg Have a 'Hangover'

It's the theme song to every Sunday morning of your 20s

Korean pop superstar Psy has teamed up with Snoop Dogg to create an indispensable ode to overindulgence. Entitled ‘Hangover,’ Snoop and Psy go for a night of hard drinking and rap about the morning after, complete with the ‘Gangnam Style’ singer retching into a toilet bowl as Snoop grooves in an adjacent bathtub.

‘Hangover’ is filled with other memorable imagery, such as animated vomit coming from Psy’s mouth, a chain of boilermakers set up like dominoes, and an epic bar fight that spills out into the streets of South Korea. All in all, it looks like the best night out ever—but pride goeth before the fall, as the song's title intimates.

Noticeably absent from the video is Snoop’s usual drug of choice. But given the amount of alcohol consumed in the video, a bout of the munchies would only have made things more complicated—and potentially messier.