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Viral Video of the Day: Raining Food

Mom told you not to play with your food. This guy didn't listen.

Got milk? YouTuber Steve Kardynal does. He's also got apple jacks, spaghetti and meatballs, hot dogs, and a sprinkle-heavy brownie sundae.

Sounds like a good meal, right? Wrong.

Kardynal takes the concept of a food fight to a whole new level, dumping a veritable smorgasbord on top of his head and capturing it all in super slow motion. We can't decide whether the results are delicious or disgusting, but we can say that the video is awesome.

Since one "Raining Food" video was clearly not enough, Kardynal's friend made a follow-up featuring Denver omelettes, chicken and waffles, banana creme pies, and more. Getting dirty never tasted so good.