Viral Video of the Day: Weird Al’s Pharrell Parody

The master of spoof songs is back with ‘Tacky’

The combined song parody power of the entire internet is no match for one Weird Al Yankovic. The musical spoof genius—or the ‘Eat It’ guy, depending on your point of view—has returned with ‘Tacky,’ a riff on Pharrell Williams’ universally adored tune ‘Happy.’

Decked out in loud print clashing clothes, Yankovic dances his way through a Los Angeles theatre, singing from the point of view of someone who Instagrams their every meal and takes selfies at funerals. The single-take video also features comic actors Aisha Tyler, Eric Stonestreet, Kristen Schaal and Jack Black taking turns lip-syncing in their own tacky outfits.

‘Tacky’ is the first of eight videos Yankovic will be unveiling this week as promotion for his new album, Mandatory Fun, out today.