Viral Video of the Day: Ziplining in Panama City

Jumpers parachute from the largest urban zipline in the world

Some people jog for fun. Some go for a swim. Devin Graham, aka devinsupertramp, and his merry band of thrillseekers prefer to zipline from a tall building in Panama City. As much of a rush as it would have been for them to zip from one end of the 2000-foot line to the other—the longest line in an urban setting—they made the decision to instead detach in mid-air and parachute to a drop zone.

The video was shot with GoPro Cameras attached to the jumpers, and 4K cameras attached to flying drones, in order to cover it from every angle. There’s also a behind the scenes video that shows what went into making this crazy feat possible.

This is so extreme, it’s almost sure to be featured in Tom Cruise’s next movie.