Was Kate Middleton Warned Off Attending Film Awards to Protect Actors' Egos?

Who would want Kate Middleton sucking up all the flashbulbs on their big promo night? Not Britain's film stars, according to a new report today.

Film stars really are delicate, sensitive souls, aren't they?

But did Bafta—the British equivalent of the Academy—really ask Kate Middleton to stay away from their film and TV awards this year for fear of overshadowing the little flowers?

That’s the allegation being made in a well-sourced front page story of the Sun today, which alleges that high-ups at the organisation, fearing that coverage for their big stars would be threatened by the inevitable focus on Kate, discreetly asked Prince William to leave the wife at home.

William, 34, is the president of Bafta and has been roundly criticised for missing the gala evening for the past two years.

It is sometimes noted that ‘Workshy Wills’ has no trouble turning up for other events at which he has a ceremonial role, such as the FA Cup final.

So there was reportedly much delight when William indicated he would be attending the awards this year, but joy turned to gloom, reportedly, after he made it clear he was also thinking about bringing the ultimate attention-stealing arm candy.

The Sun quotes two separate Bafta sources as saying that senior staff at the organization feared that Kate, 35, could outshine actresses such as Emily Blunt and Naomie Harris.

According to the Sun, one source said, “It was expressed by senior staff within Bafta that Kate’s attendance will totally distract from all the film stars there,” while another added, “Most people think William will end up getting his way by bringing Kate but it’s created awkwardness because her attendance shouldn’t have been in question.”

A Bafta spokesperson sought to dismiss the allegations, saying: “It is completely untrue that Bafta has suggested that our president attend on his own. We would be delighted to welcome Their Royal Highnesses any year they are able to attend.”

If Kate does attend, it will be her first time at the Baftas, which take place on Sunday, February 12.