Watch: Donald Trump Fired His ‘Apprentice’ Accuser Summer Zervos for Interrupting Him

The ‘Apprentice’ host called his future sexual-harassment accuser Summer Zervos “stupid” for interrupting him when he was about to fire someone else.

It was Summer Zervos’ decision to interrupt Donald Trump on The Apprentice that got her fired from the reality show after just one episode. Now, a decade later, she has emerged to tell her story about the time she says he sexually assaulted her.

In the video below, from the first episode of the show’s fifth season, Zervos speaks up to defend her fellow contestant, who Trump and his co-hosts have been ridiculing for giving away gift bags with nothing in them. “I’m sorry, let me just say something really quick,” she says, daring to assert herself in front of The Donald.

“Why is should you interrupt me when I’m knocking the hell out him?” Trump asks her. As she tries to explain, he talks over her. “By interrupting me while I’m knocking him, what are you doing to yourself?”

“How stupid is that?” Trump continues. “I’m getting ready to almost fire this guy for being a horrible leader… and you keep interrupting me and stopping me from doing it.” With that, Trump delivers his iconic “You’re fired” line to Zervos.

The offense Trump takes at being interrupted by a woman had echoes in the second presidential debate this past week when he repeatedly complained that moderator Martha Raddatz was cutting him off mid-sentence. This is despite the fact that by some counts he interrupted Hillary Clinton more than 50 times during the first debate, about three times as much she she interrupted him.

As Zervos walks out of the room, Trump tells the man he was about to fire, “She saved your ass, with her own stupidity.”

Two years later, according to Zervos, she visited Trump to discuss a job opportunity at one of his golf courses in California. While there, she alleges Trump repeatedly kissed her on the lips, grabbed her breasts and started “thrusting his genitals” at her, all without her consent.