Watch: Guy Flies Over Thames in an Actual Jetpack

David Mayman flew over the Thames in a real-life jetpack on Wednesday. Watch it here.

Twitter/ABC News

An Australian pilot cruised casually over the River Thames in an actual goddamn jetpack on Wednesday, looking like a cross between an astronaut and the Rocketeer. David Mayman, a former commercial pilot from Australia, had been developing the jetpack for ten years with a team of engineers and designers, and is working to make a commercial version of the device available next year. And just to be clear, this was not one of those cheesy, water-propelled "jetpacks" made famous (or infamous) by Eastbound and Down-- this was an actual, jet engine-powered, honest-to-God jetpack, more like Boba Fett's than Kenny Powers'. You can behold its amazing flight here.