Watch Kanye West’s Brilliant SNL Performance of ‘Ultra Light Beams’

Following Thursday’s glitch-filled livestream from Madison Square Garden, Kanye West performed two new songs from his still-unreleased The Life of Pablo album during Saturday Night Live this week. And if, as many have suggested, he has barely slept in weeks, West still managed to deliver an impressive live show—even if his theatrics were seriously tamped down from past Live from New York turns.

Standing in front of a large screen of video game-style clouds (from the new project dedicated to his mother, perhaps?) and with one fist raised in the air, West started with auto-tune heavy “High Lights.” He was soon joined by an impressive entourage that included Young Thug, The-Dream, Kelly Price, El DeBarge, and A$AP Bari.

West evidently decided FCC regulations do not apply to him, letting lines like “Sometimes I’m wishin’ that my dick had GoPro / So I could play that shit back in slo-mo” and “So when I’m on vacay, I need to kick back / You want a boss or an R&B nigga with a six pack?” go by uncensored.

For his second performance, West upped the ante with a stage full of gospel singers and dancers to help him with “Ultra Light Beams,” which includes the lines, “Pray for Paris / Pray for the Parents.” Chance the Rapper, who West recently blamed for his album’s delay, ended up stealing the show with his fire verse.

An exhausted-looking Kanye ended up lying face down on the floor before rising to his feet to deliver one last line and calling it a night: announcing The Life of Pablo is now streaming on Tidal (which it’s not… yet).