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WATCH LIVE: Beast TV’s Election-Night Bonanza

Featuring Tina Brown, Robert Shrum, Doug Schoen, Keli Goff, Mark McKinnon & more.

It’s finally here: the stump speeches have wrapped. The super PAC ads have done their damage. The Bruce Springsteen and Kid Rock riffs have faded. And in a matter of hours (we hope), we’ll know how this whole thing ends. For complete breaking coverage of the election results, set your browser to The Daily Beast’s homepage starting at 7 p.m. ET for Beast TV’s live analysis with Tina Brown, Robert Shrum, Mark McKinnon, Keli Goff, Doug Schoen, John Avlon, and more. Plus, check out our interactive election dashboard, featuring up-to-the-minute state-by-state results, the inside scoop from our reporters at campaign hotspots around the country, Andrew Sullivan’s liveblog, and more expert commentary from our political team.

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