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What Azeri Air Bases?

"When they come home, those youth turn on the TV and see a whole country, and first and foremost its leadership, which uses the Holocaust as the ultimate justification for every use of force, and which sees the Nazi in every enemy and the gas chambers in every gun held."

--Maariv commentator Ofer Shelach tries to explain the vulgar behavior of Israeli high school students a Holocaust play.'Abbas, Fayyad at odds over Netanyahu meeting' - Reports claim Palestinian president 'not on speaking terms' with Fayyad, after he refuses to deliver official PA document to Netanyahu. (Ynet)In Syria, fear of takeover by radical Islamists - Syrian activists warn that if the UN peace plan does not end the violent repression of the Syrian revolt, there is a real danger of the rebels becoming extremist. (Washington Post and Maariv, p. 18)Report: Iranian government websites under cyber attack - Tehran Oil ministry, main crude export terminal disconnected from Internet to avoid attack by computer malware. (Agencies, Ynet)Israel denies it has access to Azerbaijan air bases (Haaretz)For the full News from Israel.